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Psoriasis & Eczema Anti-Inflammatory Treatment Package

Psoriasis & Eczema Anti- Inflammatory Treatment Package


Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition that causes thickening, redness and scaling. Psoriasis appears when the body replaces skin cells more quickly than usual, so the cells that appear on the surface of the skin are not fully mature. Occasionally it can be associated with arthritis. It tends to be intermittent in nature and is characterised by remission and ‘flare ups’. The causes of psoriasis remain unknown but it can be genetic or triggered by illnesses, stress or even some medications. Dr Nadine has created a treatment protocol that can yield significant improvement in symptoms for many individuals. Results can vary dependent on the severity of your condition.


Eczema and dermatitis mean the same thing; inflammation of the skin characterised by redness, swelling, itching and excoriation (scratch marks) in the acute form. In the chronic (persistent) form, regular rubbing of the skin through itching and scratching, leads to thickening or ‘lichenification’, scaling and post-inflammatory darkening of the skin. The cause of atopic eczema is unknown, but it often runs alongside other conditions including asthma and hay fever, and flare-ups are triggered by things such as soap, laundry detergent, stress, the weather, and occasionally food allergies. 

Psoriasis & Eczema Anti- Inflammatory Treatment Package

This treatment protocol combines the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of:

  • Dermalux LED Phototherapy 
  • AnteAGE MD® growth factor solution  
  • Biogel
Psoriasis and Eczema

Treatment package


 6  X 45-minute weekly treatments


What is Dermalux?

Dermalux LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses clinically proven therapeutic light energy to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair processes without pain or downtime. From the first treatment, Dermalux instantly boosts the complexion to restore vitality and glow. A treatment course offers cumulative benefits and can be targeted to specific skin concerns for the face and body with lasting and visible improvement. We believe everyone deserves beautiful skin. Discover the benefits of Dermalux as part of your essential skin health regime.

Our skin has the ability to absorb light energy and use it to stimulate or regulate essential cell processes. LED Phototherapy is the application of beneficial wavelengths from the visible and infrared part of the light spectrum which have proven skin enhancing benefits. Skin cells that are energised function better and can renew up to 200% faster accelerating regeneration and repair.

Dermalux uses unique combinations of clinically proven Blue, Red and Near Infrared wavelengths to boost collagen production, increase hydration, calm redness and irritation and destroy acne causing bacteria. As the light triggers a whole cascade of skin enhancing processes, the benefits continue even after the treatment has finished.    

What is AnteAGE MD® Growth Factor Solution?

Research has revealed that targeted biosignals play an important role in tissue repair, particularly the skin. AnteAGE® pioneered the science of reactivating the skin’s natural regenerative properties by utilising Cytosignals that mimic our body’s own growth factors to restore youthful healthy skin. The scientists behind AnteAGE® have harnessed the power of growth factors to encourage your skin to behave youthfully and with less compromise.

Stem cells within your skin contain hundreds of different growth factors and cytokines used to manage the healing process and regeneration. These are the agents in your body that command regeneration.

With young skin, our naturally occurring stem cells are robust and responsive, keeping skin smooth, elastic, and radiant. But as we age, we have fewer of these cells available to repair damage. Over time, injuries add up and our skin health deteriorates. AnteAGE® scientists have replicated our body’s natural abilities with recombinant growth factors to regain your skin’s ability to behave youthfully.

What are the main properties of AnteAGE MD® Growth Factor Solution?
  • Highly anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, and speeds up healing.   
  • Contains only pure ingredients which mimic those native to the human body.
What are AnteAGE® Growth Factors Key Ingredients and Functions
  • PolyGF
    • Recombinant analog of human stem cell growth factors.
  • Hyaluronic Acid
    • Native to the skin; supports the extracellular matrix.
What is the purpose of Biogel?
  • Reduces trans-epidermal water loss and contamination post-procedure
  • Decreases inflammation and bacterial risks
  • Restores skin barrier function
  • Provides a protective layer over treated skin
  • Promotes rapid healing
  • Enhances procedural outcomes and results
What are Biogel's Key Ingredients and Functions?

Safflower Seed Oil

  • A plant lipid that is rich in Omega 6 Linoleic Acid, a critical essential fatty acid sound in the skin barrier. Studies have shown that Omega 6 rich lipids can restore skin barrier function.

Glucosyl Ceramides/Phospholipids/Cholesterol

  • A natural, highly purified and concentrated blend of monogalactosylceramide, cholesterol and phospholipids that are analogous to human epidermal lipids. These are key molecules of the stratum corneum for maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier, protecting skin from dryness and insuring the cohesion of corneocytes. Renews epidermal keratinocytes and prevents trans-epidermal water loss.


  • A natural, 100% sunflower-derived Vitamin E that contains a mix blend of the most dominant lipid-soluble antioxidant in the skin. Healing, reduces oxidative stress, accelerates wound healing, and moisturizes.

Pomegranate Sterols

  • Sterol-rich fraction of pomegranate seed oil that is high in Conjugated Linolenic Acid. Increases barrier function and repair, deeply hydrates and moisturises, and is anti-inflammatory. Acts a highly nutritive, direct replacement for petrolatum. Reduces trans-epidermal water loss.

Elderberry Extract

  • A superfruit, known for its immunomodulating properties. Rich in a variety of phytonutrients that exhibit both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, such as caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, anthocyanins, and quercetin. A concentrated source of undecylenic acid, an organic fatty acid that provides broad-spectrum anti-microbial benefits.


  • An active, isolated terpene-alcohol found in the chamomile plant. This active constituent is known to be a potent anti-inflammatory that soothes sensitive skin, accelerates wound healing, increases hyaluronic acid synthesis, and downregulates the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-1a, TNF-a, and LTB4.

Beta Defensin-3 (hBD-3)

  • A skin-native antimicrobial peptide, that maintains broad spectrum activity against skin pathogens, viruses, and fungi. Acts as selective target of pathogenic microbes, while favouring commensals, supporting probiotic activity and microbiome homeostats. Has proven to be a potent anti-inflammatory, increases keratinocyte proliferation for accelerated wound healing, and influences the skins immune system to become stronger and more robust in its protective capacity.

Aquaporin-3 (AQP)

  • A cell membrane protein and osmolyte, that allows enhanced flow of uncharged molecules like water, glycerol, and urea, to freely pass into the cells inner chamber, rapidly increasing cellular hydration. For optimal wound healing, well-hydrated keratinocytes are required for proper proliferation and differentiation. Aquaporins represent a new class of hydration molecules.

Transforming Growth Factor beta-3 (TGF-b3)

  • A quintessential anti-inflammatory growth factor that regulates epidermal and dermal cells in healing. TGF-b3 promotes scarless wound healing and rapid skin re-epithelization post-procedure.

Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate

  • A lipid ester of glycyrrhetinic acid, one of the most therapeutic active compounds found within licorice root, with a chemical structure similar to cortisone. These active constituents, known as pentacyclic triterpenoids, are known anti-irritants and anti-inflammatories. They help to slow the release of histamines, prostaglandins, and interleukins during the inflammatory phase of wound healing, helping to calm redness/erythema, soothe the skin, and reduce burning/itching. It has anti-bacterial properties as well.
How often should you apply Biogel?

For best results, Dr Nadine advises application of Biogel at least twice per day. The cost of the Biogel for home application is included in the overall treatment cost.

Is a maintenance treatment required?

LED Phototherapy is a heat free treatment that does not contain harmful UV wavelengths and therefore cannot damage skin tissue or create photosensitivity. It is clinically proven to be safe for all skin types, including darker skin tone and the most sensitive skin conditions. The number of necessary treatments can vary with age, skin type and your presenting condition.

With Dermalux LED Phototherapy the results are cumulative. Treatments taken in quick succession will achieve optimum results and at least monthly maintenance treatments are also recommended. Furthermore, as phototherapy does not harm the skin, there is no limit to the number of treatment visits you can safely have.

Dr Nadine recommends at home application of Biogel during your treatment programme but also longterm to maintain results. The cost of the Biogel for home application is included in the overall treatment cost. It can also be purchased in clinic for €55.