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Lip Flip

Lip Flip

A lip flip is a quick non-surgical treatment to help create the illusion of a fuller lip upon smiling. The treatment involves delivering four superficial injections of anti-wrinkle injections above the top lip.

It is important to note the lip will appear fuller when smiling only, as less of the lip now disappears or curls under.

Who is a suitable candidate for lip flip?

You may be a suitable candidate if any of the following apply

  • You are hoping to achieve a fuller lip when smiling without adding lip filler.
  • You feel your lip curls under and disappears when smiling.
  • You would like your smile to appear less gummy.

Lip Flip Cost


  • Stand-alone treatment.
  • Alternatively, it can be considered as an area of a multiple-area anti-wrinkle treatment.
Lip Flip to treat a gummy smile.

Fully noticeable post 14 days

Results Duration

8-12 weeks


from €180


What is the difference between lip flip and lip filler?

Lip filler involves injecting a hyaluronic acid gel into your lip to increase volume and adjust its shape at rest. Lip filler has a duration of 6-12 months.

In comparison, a lip flip can only create the illusion of a fuller lip upon smiling and provides no change to the size or shape of your lip at rest. A lip flip lasts 3-4 months.

Lip Filler results show immediately versus a lip flip taking 14 days to fully activate.

How long will it take to see results?

It will take 14 days for a lip flip to achieve the best results but the restraint and feeling of tightness is generally experienced from around day 3.

Is it painful?

The treatment involves four small pinches over the top lip and is very quick.

Dr Nadine uses a very fine insulin needle to minimise discomfort.

Will I look natural?

Yes indeed. Results are very natural and often just noticed by the patient in a photo the appearance of a fuller lip upon smiling. Many patients also remark on now being able to see less visible gum when smiling.

How long will results last for?

Results last for 8-12 weeks.

What are the potential side effects?
  • drooling/dribbling
  • difficulty forming certain words
  • the inability to spit or whistle
  • trouble keeping fluids in your mouth after drinking. May be necessary to use a straw in the first 2-3 weeks.
  • drooping on one side of your mouth

All of these side effects subside as the muscle relaxant wears off.

Contraindications for treatment.
  • The injection site is infected.
  • Known bleeding disorder.
  • You are allergic to any ingredients present in Azzalure.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You have a neuromuscular disorder such as myasthenia gravis.
  • You play a wind instrument.
  • It is necessary for you to be able to whistle.
Important Aftercare advice
  • Wear no make-up post procedure for the remainder of the treatment day.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • Gently cleanse in a sweeping motion away from eyes
  • Avoid any form of eyebrow procedures for 2 weeks post-treatment.
  • Avoid facials for 2 weeks post-treatment.
  • No strenuous exercise for 24 hours.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and ibuprofen for 24-48 hours post injections to reduce the risk of bruising.
  • Avoid extreme pressures of heat like sauna, steam room, hot tub for 2 weeks.
  • Dr. Nadine encourages a 2-week review post-treatment if you are a first time patient.