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Bruxism/Tooth Grinding/Jaw Slimming

Bruxism/Tooth Grinding/Jaw Slimming

Bruxism is commonly associated with teeth grinding and clenching of the jaw both during the day and at night. Bruxism leads to an overdeveloped masseter muscle due to constant clenching and grinding. This muscle tension can lead to teeth chipping, muscle spasms, headaches and neck tension. Cosmetically some patients complain of a square jaw appearance as the masseter muscles are strong and bulky due to hyperactivity. While men can like this square appearance in a female one can desire a more slim, triangular shape.

Therefore some patients opt for masseter botulinum toxin for the slimming effect to the face. Other patients have botulinum toxin placed in the masseters to relieve the muscle pain.

It is important to still wear your dental niteguard to protect your teeth while sleeping.

Treatment Cost


per treatment

TMJ/Masseter anti-wrinkle injections.
TMJ/Masseter Anti-wrinkle Injections.
TMJ/Masseter anti-wrinkle injections.
Treatment Time

30 minutes


Reduced muscle pain post 3 weeks.



Visual Results / Jaw Slimming

Post 6 weeks

Pain Level


Results Duration

3-4 months